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Infusional pump Heaco (infuzomat) SN-1500H

Infusional pump Heaco (infuzomat) SN-1500H
  • Infusional pump Heaco (infuzomat) SN-1500H
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The infusional pump is equipped with intellectual calculation of speed of infusion for weight, concentration and volume that allows to save time on manual calculation and does infusion exact. The heating of solution to 37 C does infusion safe, effective and comfortable. The module of heating works at the infusional pump which is switched on in a network.

Intuitively clear interface in Russian, 3 modes of installation of speed of infusion (thaw/minute, ml/hour, time/volume). Adjusted bolyus, till 6 o'clock autonomous work, alarm at hit of air in system, an exit from a vein or occlusion.

The infusional pump works with systems of various producers.

Fastening "transformer" allows to fix the infusional pump practically on any surface.


? Automatic calculation of speed of infusion

? Heating of solution to 37C

? Wide range of speed of infusion: from 0,1 to 1500 ml/h

? Automatic night illumination of a working compartment of the infusional pump

? The adjusted sound and light alarms: occlusion, air in system, almost empty, an open vein, the end of infusion

Six operating modes of an infuzomat:

? "On drops" - a thaw in a minute

? "On volume" - to milliliters in a minute

? "On weight" - determines the necessary speed of introduction by the mass of the patient

? "Bolyus" - bolyusny introduction of solution

? "According to the plan" - step-by-step control of speed of infusion, infuzomat enters solution with various speed according to the set plan.


Characteristics Value
Infusion speed - 20 cap/ml: 0.1 ~ 1500 ml/hour - 1 ~ the 350th cap / min-60kap/ml: 0.1 ~ 200 ml/hour - 1 ~ 200 caps/min.
Infusion accuracy Accuracy ± 5%
Air detector Ultrasonic method: over 25 find vials of air mkl
Occlusion - High (In) 900±200 mm of mercury. (120±26.7кПа) - Average (C) 500±100 mm of mercury. (66.7±13.3 kPa) - Low (N) of 100±50 mm of mercury. (13.3±6.6 kPa)
Speed of a bolyus 600 ~ 1000 ml/hour (are regulated)
KVO speed (open vein) 0.1 ~ 5 ml/hour, are regulated
Rated voltage ZS: 110-230B, 50-60gts; PS: 12B
Built-in accumulator 12B/2300A hour, on 500 zaryadok
Power No more than 40B/A
Installation of parameters of infusion 20 caps/ml or 60th cap/ml
Menu of remote control At connection of the module of feedback of SN-1500H: RS232; SN-1500HR: wireless communication
Archive of infusions Over 1500 infusional events
Service conditions - Temperature +5 ~ + 40C-relative humidity of 20% ~ 90%-pressure is 86 kPa ~ 106 kPa
Net weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 308 (Length) x 144 (Width) x 140 (Height) of mm

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