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Impulse 6000D defibrillator analyzer

Impulse 6000D defibrillator analyzer
  • Impulse 6000D defibrillator analyzer
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Brand:FLUKE Biomedical

Such systems of testing as the Analyzer of a defibrillator Impulse 6000D and the Analyzer of a defibrillator / an external pacemaker of Impulse 7000DP are the strong, portable instruments of exact measurement guaranteeing the corresponding work and fine indicators of work of the critical equipment of life support on restoration of warm activity.

Opportunities a testirovaiya of Impulse 6000D and Impulse 7000DP cover all range of the established impulse forms, show compatibility with advanced technology of AED and show the best characteristics of accuracy of measurement and compliance to standards. Besides, Impulse 7000DP includes a wide number of test loadings and algorithms of measurement for carrying out testing of external pacemakers.

The standard USB interface provides computer management and data transmission, and additional ON automation of Ansur increases overall performance, providing to consumers idle time for use a method of standardization of procedure of testing, removal of indications and listing of data.

Main characteristics:

? Compatibility with the technologies Lown, Edmark, with technologies of a trapezoidal, two-phase and pulse defibrillation

? Compatibility with the AED technologies

? First-class accuracy of measurement: ±1% of indications of 0,1 J

? The intuitive interface Paul Zovatelia with illumination, clear for the user

? Portable, strong, easy for carrying

? The recharged battery with big service life

? Internal choice of brand of a stimulator

? The entrance of a stimulator is protected from a defibrillator exit (only 7000DP)

? 10 isolated electrodes

? The electrocardiograms providing 12 combinations of the standardized clinical signals

? Flexible installations of frequency of heartbeat (a step of 1 blow/min.) guarantee the accuracy of measurement and testing

? Measurements on the basis of DSP allow future updating built in ON for definition of a form of a signal

? Unique built-in conclusions for safe connection

? Additional ON automation of testing of Ansur for standardization of procedure of testing, definition of a form of a signal and listing of test results

Technical characteristics:

Defibrillator analyzer Value
Measurement of an energy output Compatible forms of a signal of a defibrillator: Lown, Edmark, trapezoidal, two-phase direct current and pulse two-phase alternating current
Range of automatic measurement from 0,1 J to 600 J
Measurement accuracy from 0,1 J to 360 J: ±1% of J of indications of +0,1 Dzhot of 360 J to 600 J: ±1% of J of indications of +0,1 J obychnoprimechany: For a pulse two-phase defibrillator the specified accuracy ±1,5 from indications of +0,3 J for both ranges
Load resistance Resistance: 50 Ohms
Measurement accuracy 1%, not inductive (< 2 µH)
Measurement of time of a charge Range: 0,1 - 100 sec.
Accuracy: ± 0.05 sec., usually
Test of synchronization (cardioversion)
Measurement of time of a delay  - Time span: from R-wave electrocardiogram peak to pulse peak of a defibrillator  - Range: of-120 ms to 380 ms; time of 120 ms to R-wave peak to 380 ms after R-wave peak
The test of a wave of an electrocardiogram the automated defibrillator  - Normal sinusoid: from 10 blows/min. to 300 blows/min. with a step 1udar/mines - Ventrikulyarnaya fibrillation: rough and cleared - Monomorfnaya ventrikulyarny tachycardia: from 120 blows/min. to 300 blows/min. with a step of 1 blow/min. - Polymorphic ventrikulyarny tachycardia: 5 types - Asistoliya  - electrocardiogram Waves
Electrocardiogram waves
General electrocardiogram Configuration of conclusions: 12-output modeling; RA, LL, LA, RL, V1-6 with independent conclusions
Full resistance between conclusions 1000 Ohm
Assessment accuracy ±1% of nominal rate
Electrocardiogram amplitude  - Control conclusion: A conclusion 1 - Installations: from 0,05 mV to 0,45 mV on 0,05 mV and from 0,5 mV to 5 mV on 0,05 mV - Accuracy: ±2% of installation, Conclusion of 1 and 2 Hz rectangular wave
Normal sinusoid of an electrocardiogram Frequency: from 10 blows/min. to 360 blows/min. with a step of 1 blow/min.
Electrocardiogram on entrance loading of a defibrillator 60% of amplitude of the Conclusion 1, max. 3,5 mV
Electrocardiogram wave  - Rectangular wave: 2 Hz and 0,125 Hz - the Triangular wave: 2 Hz and 2,5 Hz - Sinusovaya a wave: 0,05 Hz, 0,5 Hz, 5 Hz, 10 Hz, 40 Hz, 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 100 Hz, 150 Hz and 200 Hz - the Impulse: 30 blows/min. and 60 blows/min., duration of an impulse are 60 ms
Detection of a R-wave  - Fluctuation form: Haver triangle - Norm: 30 blows/min., 60 blows/min., 80 blows/min., 120 blows/min., 200 blows/min. and 250 blows/min. - Duration: 8 ms, 10 ms, 12 ms and 20 ms to 200 ms with a step of 10 ms - Accuracy: ±1% of installation of 0,2 mV
Noise stability  - The Sinusovy wave - line Frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz (±0,5 Hz) - Amplitude: from 0 mV to 10 mV (0,5 mV of ±5%)
Allocation of arrhythmia The interacting pacemaker (only Impulse 7000DP)СуправентрикулярныйПреждевременныйВентрикулярныйПроводимостьЧрескожный a stimulator with the chosen amplitude and width of peak


Additional  accessories The included accessories
Number Name Number Name
 3091370  ON Ansur Impulse 6000D/7000DP  3028681  User's guide (compact disk)
3065489 MedtronicERS/Physio-Control (FAST PATCH) (a set from 2 pieces): adapters of a defibrillator of 4 mm 3028662 The guide to use of the rectifier for beginners (depending on the country)
3065450 Kimberly Clark/R2 Darox MRL/MDE/NK: adapters of a defibrillator of 4 mm 2814980 Case
3065438 Contacts of the partial category (a set from 2 pieces) 2795773 Contact plate of a defibrillator
3065477 Medtronic ERS/Physio-Control (QUIK PACE) (a set from 2 pieces): adapters of a stimulator of 4 mm  
3065527 Zoll Medical NTP/PD1400: adapters of a stimulator of 4 mm
3065461 Medtronic ERS/Physio-Control (QUIK COMBO): adapters of a defibrillator / stimulator of 4 mm
3065492 Philips/Agilent/HP (CODEMASTER Series-Round): adapters of a defibrillator / stimulator of 4 mm
3065509 Philips/Agilent HEARTSTART FR2/MRX: adapters of a defibrillator / stimulator of 4 mm
3065511 Zoll PD-2200 Multi-Function PD-Series, M-Series, M-Series CCT, AED PRO® and AED Plus™ defibrillator / stimulator adapters
3065423 GE Marquette (RESPONDER 1500/1700 Series) (a set from 2 pieces): adapters of a defibrillator / stimulator of 4 mm


Information for the order
Number Name
 2811928  Impulse 6000D Analyzer of a defibrillator of the USA of 120 V
 3077031 Impulse 6000D-01 Schuko defibrillator Analyzer
 3077046 Impulse 6000D-02 defibrillator Analyzer Great Britain
 3077054 Impulse 6000D-03 defibrillator Analyzer Japan
 2811919 Impulse 7000DP Defibrillator Analyzer / Chreskozhnogo of a pacemaker of the USA of 120 V
 3077005 Impulse 7000DP-01 Defibrillator Analyzer / Chreskozhnogo of a pacemaker of Schuko
 3077010 Impulse 7000DP-02 Defibrillator / Chreskozhny's Analyzer of a pacemaker Great Britain
 3077022 Impulse 7000DP-03 Defibrillator / Chreskozhny's Analyzer of a pacemaker Japan

Table of comparison of production

Model QED 6 Impulse 6000D Impulse 7000DP
 Possibility of single-phase food and two-phase food by a direct current  yes  yes  yes
Possibility of pulse two-phase food no yes yes
Testing of a defibrillator Output food Output food Output food
Cardioversion Cardioversion Cardioversion
Measurement of peak Emission at max. energy / time of charging  
- Peak and average current Peak and average current
- Voltage measurement Voltage measurement
Normal electrocardiograms / waves no yes yes
Test of a chreskozhny stimulator no no yes

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Brand:FLUKE Biomedical
Information is up-to-date: 17.01.2019
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